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Loosely fasten the Base Plate to the router by reinstalling the same screws removed in step 1 or if necessary, the screws provided. Place the BasePlate on top of the router so that the screw mounting recesses are facing away from the router. I really want to thank your company for an excellent product and price. Most importantly, I really want to thank you for your follow thru on all associated with my purchase of this item Even though it is not a lot of money for you folks your service was exceptional. I wish more companies were like yours and had folks like you working for them. That is what makes a world of difference in who I go to when purchasing. It may be tempting to cut large amounts of material from a workpiece with the router alone but doing so can be dangerous and seldom produces the best results. When making a template, the amount of offset has to be included. Let’s say we are making a template to cut a mortise for a 3 1/2″ butt hinge, and the offset is 1/8″. One of the attractive aspects of using templates is that we spend time refining one edge that is used to accurately transfer that shape to many work pieces.

Weight is becoming increasingly important due to its links to fuel consumption and handling. Naturally, the weight of the product is impacted by both the amount of material used, and material selected. ‘Bellied tubes’ or ‘flared tubes’ are a lower cost way of using certain types of insert. However, they come with a potential cost of reduced strength to resist high axial clamping forces. This enables tight positioning and a robust rotational lock in a fairly compact product. As in this example, the shape of the inner tube provides some of the properties of a ‘bellied’ inner tube , if required.

This dimension determines where the bit cuts the workpiece. Perhaps you could file a small amount off the plate as it’s outer edge has no keying requirement with the router. Or, you could drill the countersink a little deeper or enlarge the screw hole by 1 mm in order to give a bit more wiggle room. I wish I could find something more skookem, if the router bucks and hits the template the plastic defects enough to ram the bushing into the side of the bit. I’ve been following your thread here because I’ve been wanting to buy an OF 1010. I started a thread yesterday about a few concerns of my own about the fence and dust collection. Oilless Guide Bushing are a type of graphite plugged bronze bushing.

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would be nice to have two flats sides to stick a wrench on. Good sizes, well machined and round with no flat spots I could find. These are particularly useful because you can use quarter inch high density fiber board to make templates, which is a more rugged choice than MDF and stay flat better than ply. The short protrusion also allows you to cut a deeper groove or dado with a shorter, more stable bit. I needed a template to make wood boxes that doesn’t exist. So I designed one and made a beautiful template with this tool. I will look in to the Woodcraft set if a longer bit doesn’t solve the initial problem. The TGA001 kit will not work with the 2-1/4 hp router. I purchased it for mine, thinking it would fit, but had to return it to Amazon.

I need some sort of small low profile pan head screw with a really narrow flat head to keep it centered. And I shouldn’t have to remove the shroud in the first place on a tool that comes from a maker who says they make better stuff. It does have just enough slack to allow for proper centering. To reduce the risk of serious injury and/or damage to your Festool product, always read, understand and follow all warnings and instructions in your Festool product’s Instruction Manual. Although Festool strives for accuracy in the website material, the website may contain inaccuracies. Festool makes no representations about the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the material on this website or about the results to be obtained from using the website. Festool and its affiliates cannot be responsible for improper postings or your reliance on the website’s material. Your use of any material contained on this website is entirely at your own risk.

Guide bushings DIN 172 are characterized by the tight dimensional and positional tolerances in connection with the hardened and finely machined surface. As a result, they are suitable for extremely universal use in many applications. The case is not bad, but it is what is inside that is important to me. These bushings are very well made; well-machined and very precise from the standpoint of size specs. I checked each bushing with a digital veneer caliper and they were either exactly on the money, or very, very close. These bushings are of good quality and will do the work they are designed for. For the newer woodworker, make sure you understand what “other” items you need for your router before thinking these are it. make sure your sub-base will work, otherwise buy a new one at the same time .

I cut handholds for carrying and hanging the jig, and I put a decorative moulding on the edges of the board and the handholds, with a bearing-guided cutter. If you plan to do much guide-bush work with MDF or one of the irritant hardwoods, you would do well to consider the dust extraction question very seriously. They may be a bit too large and start moving around your kingpin. It doesn’t happen very often and it’s best to just replace them. For more information about CDC updates and guidelines, you can click on the link below. Used on a pick-off spindle when it is required to clear a shoulder and grip on a smaller diameter beyond, such as screws or bolts. Online prices and selection generally match our standard price structure, but may vary.

Using a straight bit that fits through the guide bushing, rout out the waste area surrounding the template. Remember to rout counterclockwise when cutting around the outer edge of a template, and clockwise when routing the inside. Once you’re finished routing, gently separate the template from the workpiece with a chisel. Save drill guide bushing set to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Removing it has allowed me to center all my guide bushings in the Festool ring. Unlike other kits on the market, our BimmerWorld solid guide bushings are race proven and made in the USA. Brake guide bolts require regular cleaning and greasing to work effectively. For this reason our solid caliper guides do not use dust caps or seals and we promote regular maintenance for safe and effective braking. We make these specifically for BMW Ate calipers with tighter tolerances than other kits.

All trucks come with stock bushings, but some prefer to replace them. Not everybody weighs the same and skaters prefer different tightness on the trucks. Note that bushings need to break in a little before you can tell you want to replace them. Technical skateboarders often ride barrel and coneshaped bushings. lightweights should pick softer bushings, heavyweights need harder bushings. This will directly translate to how well your trucks turn and the overall stability of your board. In general, a cone-shaped bushing is better for turning but offers less stability.