Programmed vertical stomach channel presses

The completely programmed vertical stomach channel press improvement and assembling unit, the presentation of the upward channel press broke the upward channel press all depend on imported circumstance, incredibly advance the upward channel press limitation process, for other homegrown producers in the advancement of vertical channel press work to give significant reference insight.

After over 20 years of market input and specialized streamlining. The items are sent out to global business sectors like Congo Gold, Philippines and Zambia, and keep up with the most elevated homegrown use execution as far as portion of the overall industry in China. The items are generally utilized in tailings, drug, synthetic, non-ferrous metal, starch and different businesses. The model sent off is right now the biggest single channel region model of vertical channel press in China.

 Item execution qualities.

  1、The world’s initial four barrel shaped bar outline structure (secured by patent) is more inflexible than the plate type two edge structure, and the four nursery segments are emphatically practiced to synchronize the water powered chamber to guarantee the strength of hardware activity.

  2, high-pressure twofold sided multi-point channel fabric programmed cleaning, the greatest level of channel material recovery, drag out the assistance life of the channel fabric, diminish the late working expenses.

  3、Double-sided chamber diversion innovation, broadening the distance of channel material redirection, ongoing discovery of avoidance, energy saving and ecological insurance.

  4、Linear erosion multi-point drive innovation, the fundamental drive, and helper drive synchronization innovation, decrease the single-area extending power of automatic filter press the channel material, successfully broadening the assistance life of the channel fabric.

  5、The top card plate locking stop and the lower fixing pressure driven remuneration innovation give the best fixing answer for the upward channel press, successfully taking care of the issue of helpless fixing brought about by the non-direct disfigurement of the adaptable body between the channel plate gatherings.

  6、Remote checking on the web administration innovation assembles a stage for online specialized correspondence, shortcoming conclusion and program advancement for the maker, which gives a decent assurance to the steady activity of the hardware.

  7、The electric control arrangement of the upward channel press takes on Ethernet/IP open organization control technique or profibus DP network control strategy, and the field circulation I/O drive to finish the info and result of the interaction amount. Adaptable setup, solid versatility, hostile to impedance, dependable execution and minimal expense.

  8、Adopt shrewd touch man-machine cooperation control, online change of interaction boundaries to accomplish completely programmed activity of the upward channel press.

  9、Adopt heartbeat detecting innovation to observe the place of the channel fabric crease brilliantly and accomplish precise situating of the channel material crease to stop the crease in the plate outline.