How do you know if you overdo every exercise?

If we have a good control over the intensity and amount of fitness, and know a limit of our body, we will not exceed that limit every time we train, and we will get twice the result with half the effort.

If you meet one of the following points, it means that you are likely to overdo your fitness, and we need a good rest.

1、 Mental state

If the intensity of our training is adjustable barbell weights more appropriate, then we should be full of energy during and after the exercise. Even if we will be tired, we are still very excited. On the contrary, if we are tired after training for this reason, we even have a rest for one night and then the next day, we still feel depressed and lose the motivation to go to the fitness the next day, which means that the intensity and quantity of our training has exceeded the scope that our body can bear. Our mental state is largely determined by the state of the body. If our body is consumed too much and is too much to bear, it will cause our brain, that is, the mental reflection, and thus make us feel exhausted. So if we have a mental malaise after and the next day after we do, we need to pay more attention to our training intensity.

2、 Sweat discharge

If our body is healthy and there is no special disease, we usually sweat in the case of slight to moderate sweating under the appropriate training intensity. But if we have a higher intensity of training, or have exceeded the training intensity our body can bear, our body will be too tired, and then there will be a situation of sweating or sweating. Of course, sweating is also related to many other factors, such as environmental temperature and body moisture content. But as long as we are training, we can keep a kind of moderate sweating training, which can avoid the body from fatigue due to excessive training.

3、 Good or bad mood

Mood is also called emotion, which is a very heavy thing for each of us. We all want to have a good mood and a good mood. A good clarity and good mood can not only make our body get a better state, but also have a great impact on our health. At the same time, people’s mood can also be used to detect the limit of the human body can bear the load. Generally speaking, our body needs exercise like we need to eat, so our body has a need for exercise. When the need is satisfied, our body secretes dopamine, which makes our mood better. Instead, if our mood is not getting better in training, but it’s getting worse, we need to stop to rest for a while to adjust our body and mood, and then do some training.

4、 Eating and sleeping

Here, eating refers to our appetite, while sleep refers to sleep state. After we exercise at normal training intensity, our body consumes a lot of energy, so the body needs to supplement energy urgently, so our appetite will increase greatly and eat more naturally. Then, after training, we will sleep very well and stably in the evening, and we will feel energetic together the next morning. On the contrary, if we have a strong exercise, we will feel no appetite when we eat and can’t sleep safely when we sleep.