Tianmen turning machine – Textile help|The equal machine now and then sporadically and unpredictably seem bamboo tie strips, how to manage it?

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An inquiry from a client on the TextileHelp intuitive stage: How would it be advisable for me to manage the unpredictable and sporadic appearance of bamboo strips on the cutting machine? Today, I will momentarily dissect the reasons for this issue, and trust that it will be useful to this client.

| The main thing that I need to do is to ensure that I have a smart thought of what to do.

| The response to this question is that the anomaly of the bamboo bunch can be considered from the accompanying angles.

(1) and strip cotton net in the drafting region break, broken edge and different issues, bringing about sporadic bamboo strip, explicit measures: change the launch of the aide block, with the goal that the strip organized intently however not cross-over into the drafting region; change the tension bar high and low position, ordinary cleaning of the strain bar surface china non woven machine cotton wax oil specialist; streamline the roller dividing and change the lower pull air, and so on, to check whether it tends to be moved along.

(2) The elastic roller with blossoms, build up sleeve blossoms appended to the strip, bringing about unpredictable bamboo strip, the arrangement: guarantee the elastic roller surface in great condition; change the elastic roller surface treatment covering type, proportion, and so forth; simultaneously, guarantee the spotless build up sleeve in great condition, without blossoms. Advance the cycle boundaries, particularly the roller dispersing and drafting conveyance, change the skin roller pressure, change the kickoff of the aide square to keep the hairs from covering into the drafting region.

(3) Whether the flare, the authority isn’t great, and so on, with the goal that the flare flying blossoms, short build up aggregation isn’t cleared on schedule and run into the bit. This should be possible by reinforcing the cleaning work to keep away from the collection of short build up and wools.

(4) check and strip under the scratching skin whether broken, grimy or will strip channel oil specialist joined tacky blossoms, and so forth, simultaneously, focus on under the temperature and dampness is steady, assuming vacillations are excessively enormous, will likewise create what is going on.

The above is the straightforward investigation and ideas of the netizen on the issue of unpredictable bamboo strip, you can actually take a look at thing by thing to check whether the issue can be addressed, other netizens can likewise leave a message after the article, talk about their perspectives and experience.