Customer relationship management application strategy for small and medium-sized furniture enterprises


Furniture in people’s lives no longer purely represents the use of tools, and gradually become an important item for people to show their personality, the pursuit of fashion and enjoy life.

With the rapid development of the economy and society, the meaning of furniture has been further extended and developed, which to a certain extent reflects the derivation of people’s consumption concept, people’s demand for furniture functionality has gradually weakened, people pay more attention to its personality and taste in life expression.

Furniture is, in a sense, a product that reflects the nature of social culture, which to a certain extent shows the habits and consumption preferences of a people in an era, expressing a certain historical stage of people’s perception of the economy and society and a state of life.

In the process of furniture development, the concept of people-oriented has gradually gained the attention of enterprises, making furniture design needs to pay more attention to the diversified needs of target customers, from the shape, size and color arrangement of furniture to meet the needs of people. Small and medium-sized furniture enterprises should not only focus on product development, but also need to get good management of customer relations in order to bring more benefits to the enterprise and promote the development of the enterprise.

The current situation of the Chinese furniture market and the problems of small and medium-sized furniture enterprises

Furniture is a necessary product in people’s lives, which defines a very large market for furniture products, with the improvement of people’s standard of living, people’s investment in furniture decoration has been enhanced, people’s purchasing power for furniture products is also gradually increasing, which greatly stimulates the rapid development of the furniture market. If based on the fifth census of China’s data to calculate the demand for furniture replacement, statistics show that the number of households in the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government of China is about 35,000,000 households, we assume that each family to replace the furniture for a period of ten years, the average annual household will produce about 35 million households need to replace the furniture, if each If each replacement furniture needs about 1200 yuan, then the country’s annual furniture market generated about 42 billion yuan in sales.

In the Chinese furniture market market is extremely rich in product variety, if the furniture is divided according to the material, there are solid wood furniture, panel furniture, stainless steel and rattan furniture and glass furniture and so on. Furniture products in terms of function has a technical, economic, use and aesthetic function effect, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the aesthetic function of furniture products gradually highlighted.

In addition, furniture products to a certain extent also has the value and value-added utility, such as European-style old teak furniture and Chinese old mahogany furniture have a certain value and value-added value. At present, the furniture market is dominated by products with the theme of simple culture, clear line design, low-carbon environmental protection concept is gradually attached to the people, the specification standard of furniture products gradually highlight the requirements related to ergonomics, there is a great improvement in enhancing the comfort of the product, to meet the diversified and personalized needs of customers.

Traditional furniture sales channels are also presented in a variety of ways, respectively, through agents around the furniture products on behalf of sales, enterprises rent their own sites to underwrite sales and in large shopping malls or furniture city to carry out three ways, of course, with the advent of the information age, the advantages of e-commerce, the furniture will be sold online is also gradually adopted by enterprises.

The concentration of China’s furniture industry is relatively low compared to other industries, and it is difficult to produce a brand with great influence, mainly small and medium-sized furniture enterprises as the main body.

For the strength of the small and medium-sized furniture enterprises is not so strong, they in order to achieve better development. They have to face many challenges, in addition to the design, selection of materials, equipment, technology and other aspects to further improve and perfect, how to better respond to customer demand, understanding customer buying motives, and maintain a good relationship with customers is a furniture business needs to solve a major problem.

Small and medium-sized furniture enterprises are often unable to provide quality customer service to meet the diversity of customer needs, with the changing times, people’s consumer attitudes change, consumers now pay more and more attention to the consumption process to get customer service, and the differences between customers lead to the diversity of customer needs. Small and medium-sized furniture enterprises have a lot of valuable customer information in their hands, but can not effectively use them.

The customer relationship is confusing, and the company is unable to classify customers reasonably and effectively, and tap the value of existing customers to provide constructive help for the product design process. Small and medium-sized furniture enterprises mainly sell their products through direct sales, they communicate directly with customers face to face to achieve their sales purposes, eliminating many intermediate links, and this direct contact with customers should pay more attention to the relationship with customers, through the customer negotiations to learn the customer’s willingness to buy, analyze the customer’s deep-seated needs, so that the enterprise’s products are more relevant to the customer’s The company’s service quality can be improved. However, if the company can not effectively deal with customer feedback on furniture products in a timely manner, this will likely reduce customer loyalty to the company’s products.

We know that furniture is a relatively high value products, customers have a great impact on each order to the enterprise, and the cost of losing an old customer than to get a new customer cost is much larger, so companies should pay more attention to maintain good customer relations with old customers. Therefore, the importance of customer relationship management for a small and medium-sized furniture companies can not be overstated.

Customer relationship management application

The application of customer relationship management can enhance the efficiency of business operations, so that enterprises can provide differentiated services to a variety of customers, to better meet the individual needs of customers, improve the quality of customer service, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises; for customers to make timely adjustments to problems raised, try to avoid customer dissatisfaction; and enterprise “stakeholders “To establish a good relationship, there are many stakeholders, such as customers, referrals, suppliers and strategic partners, etc., which have an important impact on the development of the enterprise.

Customer relationship management for small and medium-sized furniture enterprises is based on creating and providing excellent and stable customer value for customers, to achieve the different needs and characteristics of different customers, and the enterprise’s products or services more closely together. Furniture companies emphasize retaining customers who can bring more profit to the enterprise, especially the enterprise’s large customers, they are the main source of profits, and the cost of regaining large customers is much greater than the cost of losing them, companies have to pay attention to those customers who can bring more profit to the enterprise, find ways to retain them.

Furniture companies emphasize the importance of creating value for customers and customer service. Every customer wants to get the value they need from the buying activity and they try to find the best solution for themselves in the buying process that will achieve their goals. Furniture companies pay attention to the quality of customer relationships and build close and good relationships with customers, good customer relationships can help companies to further expand sales and increase profits.   

To achieve these, it is necessary to set up a special management organization for customer relations, choose staff with strong business skills specializing in customer relationship management, develop targeted long-term and annual customer relationship management related plans around the customer, determine the corresponding communication strategy, for the implementation of the various benefits promised to customers by the enterprise, the possible occurrence of some problems to prepare in advance, and regularly to The company must be able to establish a timely, one-on-one response to customers.

Enterprises should establish a customer service center that can respond to customer needs one-on-one in a timely manner through a variety of channels, accumulate customer information, mainly the general information of real customers and potential customers, such as name, address, telephone, personality characteristics, transaction information, such as orders, returns, complaints, service inquiries, etc., use the accumulated customer information to explore the potential value of customers, through the customer’s purchase, analysis of the appearance of the Furniture market of various styles of furniture popular among customers, to provide support for enterprises to make the right decision, through customer information, analysis of market conditions, to dig out the potential customers of enterprises.

The marketing staff of the enterprise needs to have close communication and communication with customers to strengthen the friendship with customers. For example, arrange all kinds of recreational activities and invite the customer manager in charge to participate, such as picnics, ball games, watching songs and dances, etc. Remember the main customers and their wives, children’s birthdays, and on the birthday of flowers or gifts to show congratulations and other methods to establish a close relationship with customers. Through full communication with customers to combine the physical business of furniture companies and customer service, according to customer requirements to produce customer satisfaction with furniture products, to achieve customization and personalization of furniture.

Points to note

Focus on tracking changes in customer demand and integration of customer needs. We know that, with the increasing maturity of consumer perception, the changing consumer environment, customer demand will change with the. If we do not make timely adjustments to our furniture products, we will lose the trust of our customers. After customers buy furniture, we need to track the changes in customer demand, constantly integrate customer needs, improve the quality of our customer service, improve our products so that it can better cater to customer needs.

Recognizing the role that employees play in relationship marketing, the specific measures of customer relationship management are carried out by the employees of our business. To ensure the successful achievement of our marketing goals, we need to train our employees so that they can provide a higher quality of service. Furniture companies should pay attention to the timely update of customer information, especially the information of large customers, to provide personalized services for large customers, so that he feels the importance and respect of the enterprise to him, so that the relationship between the two sides closer, to promote the conclusion of the transaction between the two sides.

Focus on the role played by industry associations in relationship marketing. Furniture industry associations play an increasingly important role in the furniture market, they establish industry norms and maintain order in industry transactions. To achieve greater development, furniture companies must establish a good relationship with industry associations and seek to obtain their support.