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The goal would be to see if it made economic sense to the parking area owners to install PV systems and sell the electricity to the utility. This page is dedicated to collecting all Literature’s centered around large parking lot areas with rooftop PV systems. Roofing is a national publication that unravels, investigates and analyzes how to properly design, install and maintain a roof system. Through the voices of professionals in the field, Roofing’s editorial provides a unique perspective. I agree, the goal of blue roofs is to help manage stormwater runoff. The question is, Are blue roofs being designed using data that represents real events?

Here is our latest YouTube video of the Staple Center in Los Angeles, California. It shows the TSP Roof Systems crew putting the finishing touches on the Staples Logo on the roof of the center and an awesome aerial view of the roof from our TSP drone. In business since 2007, the firm’s employees have a combined experience of over 100 years in government construction contracts and over 100 years combined experience in the commercial and industrial industry. And don’t forget to check out other ways you can save money and conserve energy with our rebates.

The energy saved can far exceed the energy used by the highly efficient UVMatrix UVC system. NRCA also maintains a list of currently-adopted state energy codes on their website (nrca.net). Use of non-bituminous adhesives, such as foam adhesives, in lieu of mechanical fasteners to attach insulation. AIA’s structural Graphic Standards also includes a variety of low- and steep-slope details.

Small-building connectivity provides an integrated system solution that enables facility managers to provide superior comfort management. Through local and remote monitoring capabilities, this easy-to-operate system provides the greater tracking and monitoring capabilities that help to increase energy efficiency and cost savings. A green roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane. Most often, green roofs are designed to require only a minimum of maintenance. The Mammoth systems contributed one point to outdoor air delivery monitoring , which supports occupant comfort and well-being, as well as overall building energy efficiency.

High Efficiency Free Cooling Rooftop Packaged Unit

Englert’s curved metal roofing systems provide the opportunity to incorporate the superior aesthetics of a curved metal design. We offer two curved metal roof systems designed to accommodate curved roofs, arched canopies, and walkway covers. Producing an astounding 20.6 IEER and 95% energy savings above ASHRAE’s 90.1 standard, Rebel generates efficiencies previously unachievable in a commercial rooftop system. Daikin Maverick® I commercial packaged rooftop systems are ideal for one to three-story buildings including offices, schools, libraries and strip malls. They combine the lower installation costs and interior space savings of a roof-mounted system with the operating and maintenance efficiencies of central heating and cooling systems. One of reasons rooftop solar projects are so cost-effective is that they incorporate the existing building structure and electrical system into the plan.

From our 17.5 SEER Precedent™ to our IntelliPak™ with CDQ , Trane rooftop units technology represent the industry standard in meeting commercial building comfort needs. Our in-house team of energy professionals has installed more than 3.6 GW of clean solar energy across 400,000 roofs—the equivalent of 10 million traditional solar panels. The grocery chain plans to install as many as 100 rooftop solar systems, mainly through the power provider NRG Energy, on nearly a quarter of its stores and distribution centers, the companies said on Tuesday.

The main objective of this IEEE paper is to show how rooftop Solar PV systems in parking lots can be successfully used to charge electric vehicles. It shows the kWh capacity of the system along with the system description & problem formulation. It also shows how the PV system can be integrated with the Grid system which would be useful in our analysis. Mathematical formula’s and calculations can be used to verify results. This document by NREL describes the different uses of installing PV systems in this military base.

Korrect Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers free estimates to replace or install a new rooftop unit. We offer a selection of the most efficient rooftop units on the market, including Carrier. Our experienced team proudly installs, repairs, and replaces rooftop units up to 25 tons, and we specialize in AC units with gas heat or heat pumps. If your property is currently cooled by a rooftop unit, you will want a qualified technician to repair and service your system to prevent costly breakdowns. Korrect Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is here to ensure that your rooftop AC stays in tip-top condition all season long. Typically, Cool Roofs are those with a solar reflectance value of 0.65 or higher when new.

The industry’s #1 standing-seam metal roof system with added energy efficiency for your conventional building or reroof project. The MR-24® roof system is the industry’s first and finest standing-seam metal roof system with 50+ years of proven in-place weathertight performance. Since 1969, the MR-24 roof system has been a go-to choice for industrial and commercial builders all across the country with more than 3.2 billion square feet installed worldwide. Our metal roof systems are designed to address the most critical concerns of architects, builders, and owners. SteelMaster’s metal roof systems have been used for patio covers, barns, retail locations and homes.

Because of their environmental exposure, rooftop units are built to withstand sunlight, rain, wind, frost, and other conditions. ft. design/build project features TextureClad™ panels on the front of the building. Images of animal faces on the exterior accent the theme of the building’s use. As an architectural feature, a dog bone hangs from the ceiling in the lobby. Our Panel Rib™ Roof system is an attractive, high-quality and low-maintenance metal roof that is ideal for tight budgets. This metal roof system offers quicker installation and enhanced roof integrity, utilizing sealant at every metal-to-metal contact point to provide full weather-resistance.

The 4X-Series UV light system is a compact and NEMA 4X rated, so it is ready for outdoor exposure. It is lightweight and easy-to-install with no installation hardware to buy. The cabinet is fiberglass and weather-tight and its UltraMAX UV lamps have a 360° dispersion for maximized airstream disinfection. The 4X’s UltraMAX T3™ UVC lamps have an industry-leading two-year life expectancy for surface irradiation. The building code may have specific requirements regarding documentation to be provided to the building department.

Damage or breakage of any part or component caused by wrong use of the product or incorrect maintenance. Crystalia Retractable Roof is covered by a five-year warranty, starting from the invoice date. This warranty covers the potential manufacturing defects or defects in materials used in the manufacture process. The maximum opening of the Crystalia Roof is 80%, i.e., one row of panels closest to the wall will stay in place. Crystalia Glass Roof can accommodate laminated glass up to 9/16 inches or an IGU unit up to 13/16 inches.