VFD inverter for electrical screw press machine

Veichi AC10 zero-YK is a particular AC servo contro VFD inverter for electrical screw press machine, integrating with variable frequency drive , brake resistor, low voltage electrical parts and logic control unit brick press for sale. working life langer than friction press as a result of the die not bear additional strain.

The screw press for forging has been developed in the run-up tothe world as multipurpose servomotor pushed type. Moreover, this kind of static strain press is sweet in appearance, value-efficient in power consumption and secure in efficiency. The press may also be regulated to dwell on the backside of the stroke for a predetermined time, raised at a sluggish launch pace, and accelerated till it reaches authentic position.

The press has all objective in use, simple in structure, meeting operation and auxiliary tools and its value is lower, so it can be broadly utilized in urgent store, forging shop and die forging store for machinery manufacturing, and many others. Compression is achieved by utilizing graduated pitch compression stages, sometimes combined by tapering the diameter of the shaft of the screw so as to force material towards the encompassing screen.

Oil Expellers® are screw presses which exert extraordinarily high pressures. Data of Dewatering Screw Press, Sludg Pumps, Bucket Elevators, Screw Feeders. Oil expellers are used to squeeze the fat out of soybeans , peanuts , sunflower seeds, canola (rape seeds), and different oil seeds The expeller works by exerting extremely high pressures which convert the fats in seeds right into a liquid oil.

Shortly earlier than the impression of the upper half of the forging die, secured to the slide 7 upon the forging work-piece mendacity in the decrease half of the forging die, the lines 31 to the axial piston motor 26 are quick-circuited, because the magnetically managed 4-way valve forty one is moved from its rest place (as shown in FIG.