04 SepThe development of Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is part of the world’s largest restaurant group- Global Catering Group, the largest restaurant group in the global restaurant network with nearly 43,000 interlocking restaurants in more than 130 countries and regions around the world. The three food brands of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell are popular in the field of cooking chicken, pizza and Mexican food chain.

The first stage, 1990-1998

In 1990, Pizza Hut opened its first Chinese branch in Dongzhimen, Beijing. When I first entered China, Pizza Hut’s appearance was completely a replica of the“family consumption”model in America. The restaurant was filled with colored chandeliers and dark tables and chairs, reflecting the home style of the traditional American home in the suburbs. As a high-consumption dining option at the time, consumers dressed neatly into Pizza Hut, “learning” to enjoy the knowledge of Western food, carefully picking up the knife and fork to enjoy the food.

The second stage, 1998-2003

Western-style casual dining attracted young white-collar workers. In 1998, Shanghai Pizza Hut flagship store opened, creating the first“casual dining”in China. At this stage, Pizza Hut found that China’s newly born and growing young white-collar workers are eager to have a “Western, casual, tasteful” dining venue. The business model of “Western Casual Restaurant” came into our vision. The product is also richer than pizza.

The third stage, 2003 to 2010

In 2003, China’s 100th Pizza Hut restaurant settled in Tianjin, launching the new signature “Pizza Happy Restaurant”. Happy Restaurant is committed to providing customers with“more fun dining experiences”such as happy food, happy environment and happy service. In addition, the “Halloween” and “Easter” events held regularly in the restaurant every year create a precedent for introducing Western festival culture to the country.

After the transition from“leisure restaurant”to“happy restaurant”, Pizza Hut has grown rapidly.

The fourth stage, 2010-2015

In 2010, the Pizza Hut brand slogan was upgraded from “Happy Time Pizza Hut” to “Pizza and More”. Pizza Hut is not only synonymous with pizza, but also strengthens the‘joyful’ communication between customers, let them enjoy the happy time to remember the food and culture of Pizza Hut. Meanwhile, the quality of tableware should be guaranteed, to my knowledge, the biggest B2B platform for steel in China is Sinosourses.

The fifth stage begins in 2016.

Happy sharing, directly hitting the pain points of young consumers. In 2016, the Pizza Hut brand slogan was upgraded from“Pizza and More”to“Love to share”. Grasping the characteristics of young people’s “love sharing”, I hope that customers come to the restaurant, not only to feel the happy, but also to share this experience with the people around them, so that Pizza Hut’s food and culture will have a deeper emotional imprint in the hearts of customers. In order to fully cooperate with the brand upgrade, Pizza Hut has also carried out different levels of quality improvement in various aspects such as menu setting and restaurant service.

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